What Is AN IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology originally designed to allow a computer to interact with humans through the use of a telephone keypad. IVR systems often use a customized dialogue, or "flow", with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to collect information from the user and direct them on how to proceed.

The Service Partner Platform takes IVR technology to the next level in order to capture critical service information from the field, in real-time, via phone, web interface, or mobile device. 

CReating Your Custom Flow

Our team will work closely with you to create a customized flow that will capture the data you need from the field and provide any necessary information to the user in an efficient manner.  Whether you are looking to create a simple and stream-lined check-in/check-out type system, or you want to know every detail about what's happening in the field and you need it to be compatible in four different languages, we can make it happen!

We also understand that your needs are always changing, so we make it easy for you to adjust your flow in the future. Simply contact us when a change is needed and we'll update your system. 

Launching Your System

Once you approve your flow, our highly-skilled team of developers can often launch your custom system in less than a week! 

Here's what we'll do:

  • Set up a toll free number specifically for your telephony IVR system
  • If needed, develop your system to be used on mobile devices, with GPS functionality
  • Translate and record necessary audio prompts in English and any other desired foreign languages
  • Build the code and logic required to make sure your system functions as expected, at all times 

We will also set up your customized web portal, which will give your team secure access to your real-time data, alerts, and reporting, and allow you to establish unique visibilities for each user, to manage what data everyone is able to access. 

For more details on what the portal includes, check out some of the features below:  


Text and Email Alerts

Customizable alerts notify designated users throughout your network of critical situations such as No Shows or on-site issues. Establish specific contacts to be notified for all alerts, or create different contacts for each region, or even each individual location in order to proactively address issues no matter where they occur.

Custom Reporting

Create reporting unique to your company, or to each account, using data captured from the field and information pre-loaded into the interface. Design layouts that make sense to your users or that can be exported into your back-end systems. Set-up a subscription schedule to have reports automatically generated and emailed to designated contacts.

Service Mapping

Our one of a kind interactive map feature gives users status updates for locations throughout their network in real-time. Toggle on a live weather radar overlay to see how conditions will impact your services, view photos taken in the field, and pull up recent service information by location with one click.

Mobile App

If your needs require a mobile solution we will launch your flow on our mobile platform.  The mobile app can mirror a system you've created as a telephony IVR, or it can be used as a stand-alone alternative. Similar to all of our IVR solutions, the mobile platform can also be designed to accommodate multiple language options in order to support your diverse workforce. Having the mobile platform available for your crews offers increased flexibility to those that might not have access to a landline.  

Having users download an app to their devices can be a hassle, since it requires managers to make sure each crew member is using a compatible device, and constantly using the most updated version.  That's why we host our app on a website that can be accessed from any mobile device browser!     

Increase the quality and accuracy of information coming from the field by using the mobile app's unique geo-fence feature. Establish an acceptable radius around each location and the mobile platform will require crews to be within that area in order to check in or out for the service.  No more guessing whether someone was actually on site for a service when they were supposed to be.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we also integrated photo upload and storage technology into our mobile and web-based features. Instead of hearing about what took place on site, see for yourself, review a potential site issue with your team, or store images by location so you can reference them in the future.   

Data Integration

Having control of your data is critical, and most out-of-the-box service tracking options don't integrate well with your back-end systems.  Thankfully the Service Partner Platform is a custom solution designed to meet your unique data needs.

Current and popular API's can be used to download your service data.  Once downloaded, that data can be used for any internal uses you may have, or imported into a variety of other management programs.

Having access to data from past services, even services that occurred years ago, can be incredibly valuable to your company. Service Partner Platform is a hosted solution, which means you won't need expensive hardware on-site just to have access to it.. If a situation should arise where you need data from the past, the custom web portal enables you to access it, search for it, and download it without having to store everything else.