What Sets Us Apart 

We have numerous clients that have been using the Platform for over a decade.  In an industry like this, in order for a company to be using the same product for that long there are two factors that have to be true:

1. It works.

2. It's affordable.

Here's How We Save You Money

-The Platform is a hosted solution, so you won't need to buy any bulky or expensive hardware

-Our service has always been offered as Month-To-Month, with no long-term contracts or upfront costs

-The average one-time cost to build your system and launch your web portal is about $1,000, which is thousands of dollars less than what many of our competitors charge

-The average time it takes our team to get your system launched is about 1 week, enabling you to begin managing your services more efficiently weeks sooner than many of our competitors

-Our pricing is on a per "service" basis, which includes both the call to check-in as well as the call to check-out, and does not vary depending on call length. This enables you to capture as much information as possible from the field without added costs

-Pricing starts at just a few cents per service and gets even cheaper as your service volume increases

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